macbeth and frankenstein comparassive essay

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Similarities and differences between Frankenstein and Macbeth
The stories of “Macbeth” and Frankenstein are two texts depicting the life and tragic flaws of the two main characters, which bring them to an eventual downfall. Despite the different time periods that they were written in, both of the stories contain a dark and supernatural atmosphere that evokes feelings of terror in readers. “Macbeth” and Frankenstein share similar quests and tragic flaws. Macbeth was a ‘noble’ warrior who over ambitious which led to serious consequences. He also is highly influenced by those around him and eventually becomes a monster himself. Frankenstein is a knowledge hungry man who lusts for any new information in the world of sciences. Both characters
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The term ‘breathless horror’ suggests that Frankenstein is so scared that he can’t breathe and he is physically traumatised. However, in abandoning his creation, Frankenstein allows the creature, he has given life too, to roam the countryside and to find his own way, as innocent as a child, with face and physical stature that terrifies everyone he meets. More than anything else, Frankenstein's ambition pushes him to play God.
When Frankenstein recounts his experiences and the loss of all he loves to Walton, he warns the explorer to avoid the mistakes he made by pursuing dangerous knowledge, by trying to achieve what Walton believes will make him successful in the eyes of the world without considering the cost to those around him, a mistake Frankenstein made. ‘Learn from my miseries, and do not seek to increase your own.’ Although Frankenstein did wrong to create life and ‘play God’ in the end he accepts his wrongs and advises Walton to keep his ambitions realistic and positive. Macbeth and Victor are men who are too ambitious, and it costs them everything in the end: happiness, those they love, and their lives. Their ambitions were so unrealistic that when

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