Luxor Temple Essay

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Egypt is famous for its ancient monuments or historical structures which are known as archaeological sites, by this term we mean a place that has evidence of past and investigated by the principles of archaeology and represents a part of an archaeological record (, n.d.). One of the greatest and well known archaeological sites in Egypt is the Luxor Temple. The Luxor temple is one of the most important ancient Egyptian temples that is situated beside the east bank of River Nile in the city of Luxor that was known in ancient times as Thebes (Wikipedia, 20 Nov, 2017). Luxor temple was built around 1400 BCE and it is known as the Southern Sanctuary among the people (Wikipedia, 20 Nov, 2017).

The Luxor temple was an important part of ancient Egyptian civilization and it is believed to be the home of Amun-Ra, one of the major deities of ancient Egypt
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It is a fact that Luxor has been an active religious site for at least 3,000 years(Ancient Egypt Online, n.d.). A very well-known religious and cultural festival named Opet Festival was held in the Luxor temple. Also known as the Beautiful Festival of Opet this was the most important festival held in the Luxor temple. From this festival the god Amun gat another name called Amenemope. The festival was held during the period called Akhet, it was a period when the Nile river flooded and the Egyptians associated this festival with fertility. The festival lasted from eleven days to one month depending on different time periods in history. In this festival the statues of Amun, Mut andKhonsu travelled from Karnak to Luxor in small boats. The purpose of this festival is also believed to be a secret marriage ceremony between the king and queen taking part in it and thought to be the renewal of power of the Pharaoh (Ancient Egypt Online,

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