Lust Short Story

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Self-love and respect go hand in hand, if a woman is not aware of the benefits of these two than she is in for some trouble in her future. In this powerful testimony, this young woman is exploring sexual partners just to find out after time that the good feeling or “high” is just momentary. The pain grows slowly overtime but has the potential to fill up a heart rapidly. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the main character of Lust by entering and understanding her distant relationship with her parents, events in her life and emotions and the result of her lack of self-love.
In the short story, the nameless main character reveals that she is attending a religious boarding school, and at this school she has sexual relations with a variety
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The tone she used indicated that it was normal for her to perform these actions and that it was something that didn’t affect her feelings. However, her tone switched when she said “The less they noticed you, the more you got them on the brain” (Minot 1). This statement informed readers that she was intact with her feelings towards the young men. On or after that point on in the story she began to express her teenage feelings regarding the events in her sex life. The narrator then drops a bomb by saying “I could do some things well. Some things I was good at, like math or painting or even sports, but the second a boy put his arm around me, I forgot about wanting to do anything else, which felt like a relief at first until it became like sinking into a muck” (Minot 3). This powerful statement gives readers an insight on what the narrator thinks of herself. Her statement indicates that she has talents but her weakness is boys. She ends the quote by expressing another emotion, sinking into a muck. That goes hand in hand with sadness, regret and possibly even depression. Following, she dived into a childhood memory saying that her young male neighbors locked her up until she showed them her underpants. This distant memory of the past contribute to her actions now. Since in the past she had experienced being forced to give the opposite sex what they wanted from her. She …show more content…
Since there is little know about her past its difficult for the audience to directly pinpoint the origin. The title of the story is lust, the title by its self is a clue. Lust can be defined as the mistake of confusing love with sex. Her age explains why this happened, when your young and unexperienced it’s easy to rush to conclusions. She was using sex as a relief and to make her happy, and that was an error. True happiness cannot stem from other individuals; it starts within a person then spreads like wildfire to others around. Truth is, the boys that were coming in and out of her sex life were playing a temporary role. They did not have the capability to truly make her happy. The young men were something fun to do in the moment but not forever, when she finally comprehended the truth she than became aware of the effects of her actions. Her tone changes and as the story ends she began to speak about sadness after having sex she says something deep inside of you is ruined. She than goes on to explain how the boy looks at her differently as if she wasn’t the same girl that he was having sex with a while ago. She said it’s possible for he to open her legs but not her heart. In the last paragraphs of the story she is laying her heart out on the line and speaking the truth. She finally says it’s her own fault, her lesson was repeated to her until it was learned. She had to feel the

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