Lsd And Its Effects On The Body Essay

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Drugs are all around us more than one would think. There are always new drugs being discovered and new ways for people to get “high”. One of these newer drugs is a hallucinogen known as LSD. LSD has no medical purpose what so ever. It is only used for people to escape reality. Some people may see this as no big deal. LSD affects the body in more ways than one may realize. People should be aware of the physiological and psychological impacts along with the exposure to different diseases when it comes to LSD. Everyone should be aware of the effects of LSD before they choose to use it.
LSD, also known as acid, superman, and dots is classified under the drug category of hallucinogens. A hallucinogen is, “a drug that produces profound alterations in perception” (Hart and Ksir, 2015). All the kinds of hallucinogens are different from one another, but LSD is the strongest hallucinogen around. LSD may seem like a completely harmless drug, but in reality it can cause many harmful impacts. According to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World, “LSD can cause physiological effects such as dilated pupils, higher or lower body temperature, sweating or chills, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, dry mouth, and tremors” (“The Harmful Effects of LSD,” 2016). Although these physiological effects may seem completely harmless to some people, these effects can trigger much more harmful psychological effects. One of the psychological effects is in the name of…

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