Love Is Observed Throughout Song Of Solomon By Introducing The Dead Family With Lost Love

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Love is observed throughout Song of Solomon in various ways: the character relationships between Ruth and her father, Macon Dead and his keys, Milkman and Hagar, Milkman and Guitar, and Corinthians and Porter. Each relationship showed different values of love that one can experience throughout life. Toni Morrison begins Song of Solomon by introducing the Dead family with lost love for each other. Morrison further demonstrates that the love that they had before will never return to its original state because of relationship between the father, Macon Dead, and the mother, Ruth Dead. This relationship is one of the most important element of love in the Dead family to consider because its deteriorating impression will affect many characters throughout the story. All characters in Song of Solomon experience love in some way or form and experience the rewards and the consequences.
From the beginning of the novel, Morrison shows that life is built on love. Between love for an individual or love for an ideology, many would agree love drives people to do everything they can to keep the same love because it keeps them content through hardships. Similarly, Macon Dead is in love with the idea of ownership and wealth and he gets rid of all his sympathy to keep the love he has. With his keys for homes, he creates power for himself through wealth of his business and decisions for other individual’s future. For example, Macon Dead threatens, “Can [your grandchildren] make it in the street,…

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