Love Is Not All Authored By Edna Vincent St. Millay Essay

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Love Is Not All authored by Edna Vincent St. Millay tells us through a series of metaphors what love is not, what it cannot do, and what is does not provide. However, by discovering the things that love is not, we begin to understand what love might be. Alas, in the very last stanza Millay contemplates the value of love. By observing the year in which she copyrighted the text and comparing the historical context with the metaphors used we can theorize that the author was contemplating the worth of love during a time of war. As you can guess the theme of Love Is Not All is indeed love. The poem was written in the first person using the pronouns I and you. This writing in the first person makes us relate with what the author is feeling. Love itself is personified so that we might get to know more about love and get to know love itself. Not only is Love personified but Death as well is personified in line seven. As noted from the title Love Is Not All (Sonnet XXX), we can know that the poem is a sonnet but we also know this by the fourteen stanzas of the poem. Although it seems that Millay wrote the poem line length in pentameter in which every line has ten syllables that make five feet per line, on several occasions she adds an additional syllable to the line. On several occasions we see the use of an enjambment. The structure of the poem is developed so that aural and visual aspects are repetitive with perfect rhyme in the American English language. When reading this poem it…

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