Essay about Lord Byron Was Inspired By A Year Without A Summer

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Lord Byron was inspired by “A Year Without a Summer”, an event that happened in April 1816. A massive volcano erupted on an island by the Indian Ocean; the ashes got onto the upper atmosphere and affected the weather. Consequently, the season turned cold. There was a lack of sunlight, which caused people’s crops to die and made food limited (NcMara). In the same manner the poem “Darkness” describes events similar to those real life events in 1816. In contrast to the poem the sun never came back. The poem highlights, darkness was the beginning of the end. Sunlight is what creates food and warmth. Without sunlight, no more fruits and vegetable grow and food diminishes. In the poem, the world began to experience hunger; and therefore everyone was turning against each other. The world turned cold and grey. People were burning everything, including their own houses to keep themselves warm and to have some form of light to see their surroundings. Food was beginning to run out and that’s when humans turned desperate and became harsher; it started to become a competition. The world wasn’t the same anymore; darkness is what turned humanity malicious. Not even morals or religion can save them; it was the end for everyone. Byron’s poem “Darkness” shows how humanity needs light to maintain passions and morals. It started with the author “having a dream but wasn’t all a dream”(Byron 1). Byron lived through the catastrophic event in1816, when the volcano erupted and caused to have little…

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