Look Behind The Facade Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Essays

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Look Behind the Façade In the opening number of the musical Jekyll & Hyde, the first lyric is “There’s a face that we wear/in the cold light of day/it’s society’s mask/it’s society’s way/and the truth is/that it’s all a façade!” (Wildhorn) In the novel, Dr. Jekyll goes through a lot to keep up the pretense that he is a normal, functioning member of British society. The façade he puts up is no different than the façade that any normal person puts up every day. Everyone has a secret. Everyone has something that would get them ridiculed and shunned by society for, whether it be a drug addiction, a secret lover, or homosexuality. This essay will discuss the skeleton Dr. Jekyll is harboring in his closet, and why he went above and beyond to make sure that skeleton stays where it is. The book The Mysterious Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson describes Jekyll as a “large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty” (19). Dr. Jekyll is a good-looking, older, wealthy man. He has never been married. He has two old friends of ten years, named Lanyon and Utterson. Neither of them ever been married, but he has “a bond of common interest” (12) and “a sincere and warm affection” (19) for both of them. The term used back then and still used today to describe Dr. Jekyll is the term “bachelor.” Antonio Sanna would use different term to describe Jekyll: Gay.
Sanna, author of “Silent Homosexuality in Oscar Wilde 's Teleny and The Picture of Dorian Gray and Robert Louis…

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