Of Mice And Men Hope And Loneliness Essay

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Throughout the story Of Mice and Men express themes of hope and loneliness. All the characters throughout the story express and show these themes in one way or another. Lennie and George and Lennie seem to be the sunshine peering through the droopy, bleak clouds of the other farmhands. Many characters have given up their hopes and dreams in the past and live in the now. We must have hope.
If we don’t have hope we have loneliness. Loneliness can make us feel depressed, and with depression comes the loss of motivation. The loss of dreams and the loss of friendship. Steinbeck uses the characters Lennie and George to contrast the pure alienation of the other ranch workers. George even fornamed this when he tells Lennie of why they are different,
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Hope gives us dreams and dreams fuel our passion. John Steinbeck cleverly used the relationship between Lennie and George to contrast the loneliness of the other characters. These two bring dreams to the card table with the solitaire hand played. This dream of theirs not only brings up them, but people around them. Lennie expresses this theme passionately, as well as George does too after hearing about the money Candy has. Often george will blurt, “We’s are gonna work up a stake.”(Steinbeck ). George is so determined to get this dream he is going to work even harder to reach his dream. Lennie, on the other hand, expresses his hope of taking care of the rabbits. Lennie perhaps is the most hopeful character. He drives all his thinking on two duds, tending the rabbits and George. The fact that Lennie has the ability to forget his past makes him the least Lonely. He cannot remember his aunt Clara, who raised him up, is dead. And he can’t remember his own bad deed in weed. This is evident in, “This old lady use to give them to me… that was your great aunt Clara,” and, “What happened in Weed,”(Steinbeck , ). Lennie is the mouse who does not suffer because he lives in the now and is ok with his plans going askew as long as he can still tend the rabbits and Grorge isn’t mad at him. Whereas, everyone else in the man who suffer because they live in the past and future, and cannot forgive themselves. Hope strengthens Lennie’s …show more content…
But hope can be seen to have the most influential to the book. Loneliness can only bring more suffering and not many people can move past loneliness and often become depressed and isolated. Whereas, hope drive people to do their best to strive for their dream and reach their set goal. Hope can help people overcome their isolation. To help others separate from wrong and right and have a set plan to be able to make sure the dream comes true. Hope is what separates the mice from the

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