Living With My Single Mother Essay

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Living with my single mother, a nurse who often works over 60 hours a week to support my family, has taught me the value of hard work. From her, I have learned to be passionate and meticulous in all the work that I do. She instilled in me need to constantly stay busy and involved. I thrive in an environment that challenges me and requires quick thinking. Due to the influence of my mother, I have developed a strong perseverance and sense of determination. My parents’ divorce kept me in a changing environment growing up – I had to adapt to a variety of living situations with little finances to support us. From this, I acquired the skills of being thrifty and knowing how to make sacrifices. The characteristics I have developed through my home environment growing up made me into an ideal candidate for vet school and a future veterinarian – a person who is passionate and dedicated to their work, but who also can cope with a fast-paced environment and problematic situations. For the past seven years, I have applied these qualities volunteering and caring for animals, developing my interest in veterinary medicine further.
When I was thirteen, I volunteered at Birmingham Zoo in Alabama. A large part of my role there included guest education about the animals on exhibit, usually using artifacts such as animal hides and skulls to explain various topics. I worked mainly in the lorikeet exhibit, where I stayed in the exhibit with the birds while guests walked through. My jobs were to…

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