Little Miss Sunshine By Jonathan Dayton And Valerie Faris Essay

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The film Little Miss Sunshine was produced by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. In the beginning of this visual text we see the main characters introduced and see the family dynamic. This is when one of the most important themes is introduced, how society defines success and beauty. This theme is portrayed by the use of costume, dialogue, and sound/ music. Society has a set look on what success and beauty is and the Hoover family challenges that.

In the beginning scene the use of costume is used to establish the idea of societies definition of success and beaut. Olive is an important example of how society is defines beauty and success. In the opening scene of we have a mid shot of Olive in front of the TV looking at the beauty pageants trying to mimic what they are doing. This emphasis her innocence as the TV is huge and she seems to be looking to the pageant girls. These girls are highly dressed up with fake eyelashes, hair extensions, and a lot of make up. In contrast Olive’s costume is childish and mismatched; her glasses are huge compared to her face, she is wearing many different colours and patterns that all clash. This is another way of showing her innocence. This contrast of costumes is effecting in showing societies definition of beauty and winning because we get connotations of Olive as being a loser because of her outfit and stomach but the girls on the screen who have just won the pageant are skinny and a lot of make up, and tan. This shows that society or…

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