Literary Response To The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Henson, Dusty
Literary Response
The reading process was quite long. It lasted up until I finished writing, I continually changed many of my sources to ones that better fit my topic. I read many scholarly sources both from Volpe Library and from other outside sources. I tried to steer away from other sources as they all were similar in what they discussed and never got into much detail of the story. Using the scholarly article I was able to find much more detailed matters which allowed my writing to come much more easily. All the topics I read allowed me to know what I was going to write for the most part early on, then came finding other articles that better suited my writing. The workshop showed me that I had a weak thesis. It didn’t
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"Gilman herself went through rest cure treatment after child birth,(para 2) Stiles in "The Rest Cure."
The narrator and her husband rent a house for the summer. The narrator suffers from what her husband believes is merely temporary depression, The husband orders her to rest as much as possible and then picks a room in the house for them to stay. He chooses a large, ugly room on the top floor instead of the nicer room on the ground floor which the narrator prefers. She becomes obsessed with the wallpaper in the room and is convinced that there is a woman in there. Shortly before the lease is up and they are set to leave the house, the narrator decides she must set the woman in the wallpaper free, by stripping all of the wallpaper off of the walls. When her husband comes home and discovers what his wife has done, he faints. The narrator continues "creeping" around the room, over her husbands body claiming she cannot be put back into the wall
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Treichler, Paula starts her diagnosis by describing the situation of the narrator of "The Yellow Wallpaper" by setting up the introduction of the short story and describing the medical condition of the narrator. The diagnosis continues on and in the next section she gives a summarization of "The Yellow Wallpaper." The remainder of the Paula 's work is based upon her thesis, "In 'The Yellow Wallpaper, ' the diagnosis of hysteria or depression, conventional "women 's diseases" of the nineteenth century, sets in motion a therapeutic regimen which involves language in several ways." He general statements in her thesis allows her to branch out and touch on many different views of "The Yellow Wallpaper throughout her

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