Literary Interpretation Of ' A Raisin Of The Sun ' Essay

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Assignment 5: Literary Interpretation
A Raisin in The Sun depicts the story of a poor African – American family living on the south of Chicago trying to pull themselves out of poverty. In many ways social groups all struggle with problems of their own. This play helps to understand the true struggles of a military dependent, for some of the situations and obstacles the characters face within the story are similar to that of a military student in higher education. Although this literary work is a piece meant to challenge racial segregation, Beneatha Younger, a supporting character, and her development throughout the script is the best example to show how marginalization applies to military dependents. As stated in the beginning, Lorraine Hansberry creates a story about a poor family living in the southern Chicago region. The story is based on the passing of Lena Younger’s (otherwise known as Mama) husband. The Younger family, live in a shabby apartment complex in which the bathroom and shower must be shared between other families on that floor. Lena Younger expects to receive a life insurance check of $10,000 dollars. In Act One, each member of the Younger family speaks about how will the money will be used, but it is acknowledged that it is ultimately Mama’s decision. Walter Lee Younger – son of Lena Younger – wants to use the money for buying a liquor store to start a business, and Beneatha Younger – the sister of Walter Lee – wants to use a portion of the money for…

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