Literary Devices And Devices Writers Essay

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There is multiple literary techniques and devices writers’ use, many to help the reader understand their message or what they’re is portraying. One literary device that writers use to help readers comprehend their work is symbolism, and symbolism is to take an object, color, or action and replace its literal meaning. An object can mean many things in a story. In this short story Everyday Use there are three objects the yard, the quilts, and the turner. The quilts are a meaning of bond between the women of generations. The quilts have pieces of fabric that had meaning to the previous Johnson women. The story is told in first person by "Mama", a single African American woman living in the Deep South with one of her two daughters, the daughter she is living with is Maggie. Now Maggie is an insecure girl the reason for that being is, because when she was younger she was trapped in a burning house which damaged her physically and mentally. The fire left Maggie with scars that ran along her arm up to her face. Mama and Maggie have been on their own for a long time already they are accustomed to their lifestyle. They’re waiting for the arrival of Dee, Mama’s second daughter. Dee is a beautiful, intelligent women, but she is very self-centered and conceited. Dee has not visited her family ever since she moved away to attend school, she hasn’t had contact with them since she was a little girl. When Dee arrives to the house she is accompanied by a strange man, and she…

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