Literary Analysis : The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Literary Analysis
“I think it was his eye! yes it was this”(Poe 41 ). Murdering an individual because of his/her eye might sound too bizarre, but that was the case in Edgar Allen Poe’s short story “The Tell-Tale Heart”. An unnamed narrator was very disturbed by an old man’s eye which he described it as “The eye of vulture- a pale blue eye, with a film over it”(Poe 41) and decided to murder him to eliminate it. The narrator had many failed attempts trying to murder the old man during many nights while he was a sleep, but when he finally had the opportunity, he smothered him to death using a bed and dismembered him. Another fascinating story by Poe that is similar to the “The Tell-Tale Heart” is called “The Black Cat” were, this time, an animal is harshly murdered instead of a human being. In this story, an unnamed narrator writes a story in his prison cell about his past and how he was incarcerated. Being an alcoholic had significant impact towards his actions and personality and one day decided to cut out his cat’s eye with a knife and even murder his beloved wife. These two stories by Poe have an emotional effects towards readers especially since it involves horrific deaths and the oddly actions by the characters. Poe uses effective combinations of literary element such imagery and foreshadowing to portray the dreadful actions caused by the main characters in both stories which causes tense and eerie emotions to the readers. In “The Tell-Tale Heart”, imagery plays an…

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