Literary Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut And Marianne Moore's Literature

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Many of the poems, short stories, and novels we read are not clear-cut on what the author is trying to propose. Kurt Vonnegut and Marianne Moore begin their writing with a weird concept. They use first person in their first line or chapter and then switch to third person. This left many people including me questioning the point. Vonnegut and Moore share some similar features in their writings, but also have their own reasoning on why to start in such a odd, effective way.
Slaughterhouse-five 's first chapter begins with the author talking about writing the book we are reading. Vonnegut discusses how he really was in Dresden during the war and all this really has happened, but he says on page two, "I think about how useless my Dresden part of my memory has been." He is trying to inform us that he doesn 't want it to be like every other war book we read. The poem named Poetry begins with the following statement; "I, too, dislike it." This simply blows a reader 's mind in the very beginning. The author titles a poem Poetry, then states she doesn 't like it. Why would a writer do this to a reader? Well, the goal is to make the reader say, Hey, I want to keep reading this passage.
Although these two writers start in a first person approach and then switch, they have various reasons on why they did it. To start, Moore tries to immediately draw us in to the
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In Slaughterhouse-five we know the book is about a war in Dresden that many people disagree with. Vonnegut notifies us in first person that he is not going to make it like all the other anti-war books. He intends for us to keep reading so we understand why it is going to contrast to other war books. He doesn 't leave us with a question or a statement we question. He tells us exactly what he proposes to do then presents it in chapter two. He accomplishes his goal to make us keep reading by showing us what he wants to entail in his short

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