Literary Allusions In Dracula

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José Gabriel Bernardes
IB English Written Task 2
Ms. Frémont
1 February 2015
In literary texts is where we humans find ourselves, and as once stated by G.K Chesterton, “Literature is a luxury, but fiction is a necessity”. The renowned vampire, horror fiction, and gothic romance presented by Bram Stoker known as Dracula, has been the groundbreaking romance that redefined horror for more than a century and is set for example as a classic. Although not being and immediate success, modern readers consider Bram Stoker’s Dracula as one of the best gothic romances ever written. Yet it is no coincidence that his novel has influenced past generations and the ones to come. Written in the late 19th century Dracula is characterized by many elements borrowed
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Through the first chapters of the book, one of the protagonists Jonathan Harker is able to use vast examples of allusions referring to English author Shakespeare, books like Arabian Nights and Hamlet, and even a specific battle known as the Waterloo battle. Even both at the same time like “Mem., this diary seems horribly like the beginning of the “Arabian Nights” for everything has to break off at cockcrow- or like the ghost of Hamlet’s father.”(STOKER 25). By implementing such historical allusions, the author is able to shift the interpretation of the novel continuously, exhibiting how choices of content shape the readers awareness and the motivation of the reader’s acceptance. In addition, Stoker also indirectly includes many other allusions such as “that way madness lies” (STOKER 192) when Dr. Seward alludes to Shakespeare famous King Lear. By using Shakespeare’s books and quotes several times, the reader may realize the countless influences that helped him develop the book; therefore, being able to find out more bout the author himself. Furthermore, literary allusions which are often used in Dracula is effective to the extent that reminds the reader of an event in which they can relate to, where it conjures a mood, as well as builds up more

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