Literacy : How Did I Gain It Essay

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Literacy : How Did I Gain It Everyone in this world must have that one language they already acquired since the first day they were born. As infants, they learned to speak from the simple basic vowel such as a,e,i,o,u to the perfect, understandable words through eavesdropping from the conversation they heard in every day live for the first three years. By then, they can talk with people in perfect sentences by combining those words they have learned throughout their growing phase. Other languages besides their primary can also be acquired at this moment since they were at the optimum time to take in every single information from their surrounding in order to develop their mental activities and connecting the neurons in brain. However, they need to decide their one main language or a ‘discourse’ to be spoken in life as it is also represents their whole life in a community. As Gee’s quotes “a Discourse is a sort of 'identity kit ' which comes complete with the appropriate costume and instructions on how to act, talk, and often write, so as to take on a particular social role that others will recognize,” (Gee, pg.195). I was one of them, later developing my own sense of critical or powerful literacy and learned how to apply it in different discourse communities.
Malaysia is renowned for it’s education of assimilating English language and Malay language under one system due to the belief that they are both combined to be a language of modernization. So, all the students in…

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