Linking Romanticism And Today By Percy Shelley Essay

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Linking Romanticism to Today Romanticism is relevant today, despite that fact, it was written hundreds of years ago. Readers can take portions of the poems written by Lord Byron, Percy Shelly and John Keats’s and link it to our daily lives. A large portion of the beauty of poetry is that it affects future generations. The impact poetry has on a reader continues throughout history and generations. The romantic period is linkable to modern day religion, relatable to relationships today, and is influential throughout history. The poem Hymn to Intellectual Beauty written by Percy Shelley is linkable to Christianity today. Shelley writes that “Love, Hope, and Self-esteem, like clouds depart, and come, for some uncertain moments (line 37).” In Christianity, there are periods where our love for God detaches and hope begins to diminish. This can link to modern day religion to show that at times as humans, lose sight of the greater picture. Similar to how Shelley notes, “like clouds depart.” As faith is misplaced, a sense of self and belief is lost. Doubts and questions form in religion, at times it is because our faith is lacking and every so often, because of curiosity. Shelley confirms the disbelief by stating, “Demon, Ghost, and Heaven, remain the records of their vain endeavor (line 27 and 28).” He understands the questions that every uncertain believer asks. Commonly, this happens when searching for the truth inside of one’s religion. Shelley recognizes that every…

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