Descriptive Essay: Welcome To New York

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“Welcome to New York,” was all it took for me to wake me from my four hour and a half nap. I readjusted in my seat to look out the large window that my head had just been resting only to observe grimy white subway tiles and cracked gray concrete. Quickly, I realized that we were driving through the Lincoln Tunnel that connects New Jersey to New York City. The small, hazy, yellow lights that filled the tunnel bounced off the red velour bus seats, creating strange patterns; I held my breathe, waiting for the tunnel to end. As we exited the tunnel, every bus window was filled with a different collection of skyscrapers, so tall that even if you tilted your head you could not see the top of them from your window. My heart instantly swelled with …show more content…
I grabbed some of my friends and we walked towards my favorite restaurant on Times Square, Ellen’s Stardust Diner. Whenever we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with the voices of the iconic singing waiters and waitresses. Our hostess took us to a large, cherry red booth in the center of the restaurant, subsequently my friends and I all ordered. I got the vegan chocolate lava cake with a “cheesecake cream” filling. While everyone waited for our food, my friends and I gazed at the performers as they sang their hearts out on the white, boomerang printed, diner tables.
The warm, pink lights that were placed around the restaurant shined down on them, making them look like they were placed inside a pink cloud. By the time our food arrived, I was so mesmerized by the performers that I nearly forgot the purpose of coming to the restaurant. I gazed down at my plate, taking in the delicious scene in front of me. When I bit into my cake the rich, decadent, chocolate filled my mouth, followed by a tang caused by the creamy, vanilla, faux cream. I quickly cleaned my plate and waited for my friends to finish theirs so we could go find our

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