Lincoln, A White Supremacist Essay

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When Abraham Lincoln was elected into office for the first time in 1860, abolitionism was spreading widely around the Northern States, while many white southerners greatly opposed the movement. In Lerone Bennett Jr.’s article titled Lincoln, a White Supremacist (1968), Bennett presented the main idea that Abraham Lincoln was not the Great Emancipator that the world thought he was, but in fact, a white supremacist. The main purpose of the article was to inform the reader of evidence that proved Bennett’s main idea and thesis to be true. Bennett was a male African American scholar, author, editor of Ebony magazine, and social historian who attended segregated schools as a child in Jackson, Mississippi. Although Bennett’s article contains some flaws from the beginning, he does present several effective arguments proving Lincoln to be a white supremacist, such as through Lincoln’s views on the colonization of African Americans and the emancipation of the slaves during the Civil War. Granted, Bennett failed to thoroughly present substantial evidence that Lincoln was a white supremacist. In his article, Lincoln, a White Supremacist (1968), Bennett argued many times that Lincoln supposedly said something racist, but many of the statements he supposedly said were never proved to be true, or given by an unreliable source, such as an eyewitness. On the other hand, author James D. Lockett, a professor in the Department of History at Stillman College, in his essay Abraham Lincoln and…

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