Essay on Light Pollution And The Cause Of Animals

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Their comes a time when individuals listen to whatever they feel is necessary. Individuals are influential when it comes to an idea or thought if they see it somewhere in person. Individuals believe that because it is stated somewhere important, like a newspaper, that it has value and needs more understanding. One of those ideas is talking about light pollution and the cause of animals. In my English class in my undergraduate years, the teacher brought up an idea about light pollution and the effects it has on animals. When she brought up this idea to the class, the teacher did not have any supporting facts to help prove her claim. Questioning her claim was only to come natural since there were no supporting facts. The teacher went on and on about this is true because animals were not migrating probably and loosing their ability to fine there nesting ground. In the article by Ecological society of America; polarized light pollution leads animals astray (2009), talks about how light pollution can cause animals to loose their direction since light pollution is causing them to migrate and nest in unusual places.
The article talks about how artificial light is causing animals to possible die because they are using our lights as guidance. The article states, “
Artificial light that occurs at unnatural times or places -- often called light pollution -- can attract or repulse animals, resulting in increased predation, migrating in the wrong direction, choosing bad nest sites or…

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