Life Is A Tightrope Essay

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Introduction In the article ‘Life is a tightrope’: reflections on peer group inclusion and exclusion amongst adolescent girls and boys, the authors seek to address the issue of peer group inclusion and exclusion by investigating the components of exclusion in relation to gender, the consequences of non-conformity, and strategies that girls and boys adopt in order to achieve group acceptance. The authors examined this through data, which was collected from interviews with adolescents at four different co-ed schools located in various areas of England. The participants of this study were asked, “What is it like to be a boy/girl living in this town?” (Warrington & Younger, 2011, p. 155). These diverse areas included rural, urban, and publicly and privately owned housing. The repercussions …show more content…
Such students are more vulnerable to ostracism, and increased peer discrimination. In some, the empirical evidence indicated that students who deviated away from these social norms felt a sense of rejection, marginalization, and ostracism, which negatively impacts the students, self worth and their level of academic engagement.
The Need For Inclusion
In my opinion, the material collected can be applied to real life settings. This article provides insightful evidence from their own study done at the four participating schools, and also draws on other literature to substantiate their findings. By objectively examining the results of this data through a sociocultural lens, which in my opinion the authors used, it provides the readers with a unique understanding of how

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