Essay on `` Life Has No Meaning Apart From What We Ourselves Give It?

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The meaning of life and the impermanent nature of it all can be daunting. We are brought into this world not knowing anything or what is in store for us. In this essay, I will analyze the quote “Life has no meaning apart from what we ourselves give it." I will give an in depth analysis as to why I may or may not disagree with this quote. Observing how we do, what we do, and how we go about our daily lives, it is quite amazing to see how we deal with pain, suffering, and drama. We become stuck living in this negative life because it feels comfortable. Unable to forgive and hold on to pain we make life a living hell for ourselves. We distract ourselves using media as our scapegoat. These circumstances create an unhappiness, in which we ourselves find life to be unbearable, unforgiving, and unfulfilling. We begin to distance ourselves from our dreams, confidence, uniqueness, and our purpose.
The quote “Life has no meaning apart from what we ourselves give it" sounds very selfish. We ourselves are in charge of how we decide to live our lives. Considering life to be the most satisfying element of the story only we can create our own happiness and our own meaning. It is exhausting and overwhelming as we begin our journey for the race of survival. Whether or not we regard life as being meaningful or meaningless depends on the degree of that person’s views of life. It is necessary that we give meaning to our own lives. People think that their life has less meaning when they have…

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