Life and Women Bearing Women Essay

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Harwood’s poetry are valued texts because they explore challenging ideas of nostalgia and mortality. Discuss this statement in light of your understanding of the poetry of Gwen Harwood.

Gwen Harwood’s mournful laments Mother Who Gave Me Life and Father and Child explore the challenging ideas of nostalgia and mortality to provide valued texts.

Harwood’s elegy Mother Who Gave Me Life nostalgically explores the confronting concepts of the unavoidability of death and past bleak memories. Harwood explains explores the fragility e nature of life through the fabric motif symbolism; “fine threadbare linen” depicting symbolising the frailty image of her mother and the inevitability of her demise. Similarly, the reminiscent cosmic and iconic
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and cycle of mournful self-reflective thoughts through the use of motherhood, providing a valued text.

The ode style poemHarwood’s diptich poem, Father and Child, investigates the notion centrality of seminal experiences in shaping one’s understanding of of a melancholic longing for the past whilst simultaneously acknowledging the inevitability of death through the rhyming pattern of its stanza, hence creating a valued text for the audience reader. The idea of childlike innocence and naivety immortality is expressed through the masculine diction “master of life and death” and power metaphor “a wisp-haired judge” exposing the child as an self-proclaimed vigilante. However, the self vilification of the child upon the his shooting of the owl is, expressed through a woeful reminiscent self reflection; “mirror my cruelty”. This portrayings the confronting topic of mortality through the physical pain of the owl and the emotional torment of the child. Another memory that highlights the both the challenging concepts of nostalgia and death, is the symbolic death of the child’s innocence demonstrated in the juxtaposition; “a lonely

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