Life And Afterlife Of John Steinbeck Essay

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The LIFE and AFTERLIFE of John Steinbeck. John Steinbeck was an amazing writer, father, and husband to each of his wives. According to his biographer Jay Parini and the New York Times, “Steinbeck in the mid 1990’s was the most popular deceased American writer, with 750,00 copies of his work selling annually” (Stephan 2). Even when John Steinbeck was dead and buried his books never stop selling his profit never decreased it actually increased even more when he died then when he was alive. “Two sons with second wife: Thom and John IV. Only Thom survives as of this writing (June 2005). He has recently published a book of short stories, and is said to be working on a novel.” (Stephan 2). John Steinbeck’s first son was the only one out of the two that actually followed in his father’s footsteps and pursued his dreams as a writer. Although John Steinbeck was so many different things he was denied a lot of things he wanted. “Both John Steinbeck and his future collaborator were denied a military commission, Steinbeck due to his left-wing politics and Ella Kazan because of his own political beliefs.” (Stephan 2). John Steinbeck was a creative well-spoken American author. Throughout his life he was best known for his writing career that earned him many awards, and readers, and acknowledgement that helped impact the literary world.

John Steinbeck’s childhood was typical for a boy, he learned at A young age that he wanted to become a writer. John…

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