Liberty 's Exiles By Maya Jasanoff Essay

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Liberty’s Exiles Liberty’s Exiles by Maya Jasanoff, follows Americans who remained loyal to the crown during the American Revolution. Jasanoff uses the effects the revolution had upon these loyalists, such their inability to bring the majority of their belongings with them when they fled America and how the British Empire reacted to such complications, as a way to argue what she claims is the “Spirit of 1783.” As a secondary theme she argues the concept of the loyalists’ exodus from America to every corner of the British Empire as a diaspora. She carefully goes over the impact the loyalists had upon the areas they settled in, such as the Bahamas where the population doubled or Sierra Leone, where they became a part of a colony of ex-slaves. In this regard, Liberty’s Exiles is similar in style to Daniel Rodgers’ Atlantic Crossings. Jasanoff weaves together accounts from multiple loyalists and places them in context to her central argument the “Spirit of 1783” and in doing so, she analyzes the impact the colonists had on the economy of the location they immigrated to, how the British Empire assisted, or disappointed the loyalists, as well as social interactions that occurred after the exodus. Jasanoff condenses quite a bit of information about the loyalists into her book. The accounts of the loyalists’ lives after leaving the newly formed United States of America are combined with Jasanoff’s notion of the “Spirit of 1783” in order to represent an evolving British Empire.…

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