Arthur Lazenby Liberty Brand Analysis

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‘I was determined not to follow existing fashion but to create new ones’ - Arthur Lazenby Liberty.
I have focused on this quote in particular for this essay as Liberty has been at the cutting edge of design and the decorative arts since 1875. Explore Liberty’s impact on British fashion then and now.

In this essay I have looked at how Liberty’s became a fundamental part of the British Fashion Industry. From its origin as a company and how it has evolved and grown throughout the decades, to become a timeless aspect of British society, with its archetypal stereotyping. Through looking at the origin in which the Liberty company first began and its progression and to becoming the well established brand that is known worldwide.
“Liberty is one of the last great emporiums of its kind left on earth… it’s the most unique store that I have ever come across” - Ed Burstell (2015) [Available from] This quote summarises how individualistic the Liberty company remains to be after 140 years as a fore-runner within the British fashion
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These stylised decorative motifs provided a new source of inspiration to the Liberty textile designers, in contrast to the traditional influences of floral designs which made up the majority of the industry at the time. All of the designs produced incorporated the oriental roots of the company together with traditionally British colour schemes and floral motifs to establish a modern and distinctive style. As a company this expansion is especially monumental as Liberty is now the ‘International recognised leader in floral, paisley and pattered dress fabrics.’ (Admin (2016) Liberty in Fashion [Available from

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