Essay about Lexical Borrowing Of American Sign Language

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Lexical Borrowing in American Sign Language Lexical Borrowing in American Sign Language means that signs are borrowed from other countries using different language as well as using lexicalized fingerspelling to help with the characteristics of a sign in ASL. There are many signs or some words that require fingerspelling that do not have a sign yet in American Sign Language that are created without the knowledge from other countries, but now that we’re aware of their signs and are “borrowing” those signs to use in ASL. Such an example can be “J” next to eye for Japan, but now we know what sign they use for Japan and we start borrowing that to use in ASL to be more appropriate and not to offend the Japanese. Not only does ASL borrows it signs from other languages, but even its own foundation of which is English. ASL users does not always know what to sign for a certain word and thus borrowing from others or fingerspelling to make up for the lack of a sign for it. For the paper, loans signs, lexicalized fingerspelling, and what parameters/actions are involved in ASL for signs/lexicalized fingerspelling will be discussed in depth.

Loan signs are the signs that have been borrowed from other languages, most commonly relating to countries and nationalities. The examples are #J on side of eye in the J letter movement to represent the eyes being slanted, China with an index finger on the side of eye too, and Poland with thumb (or an A handshape) touching the bottom of nose two…

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