Legend : A Spy 's Claimed Background Essay

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9. Legendary
Legend: A spy 's claimed background or biography, usually supported by documents and memorised details

The next day was our last day so mom decided that we should spend the day outside. We went to have breakfast at a little café at the local shopping centre, Claire and Jeremy coming with us. While we were there I got a message from my best friend, Haleigh, who had moved away last year to finish her law degree. 'Mason, we need to meet up. I have bad news ' the text said.
I texted her back; 'I 'm at my mom 's house, but I 'll be back at my apartment tonight if you want to swing by '. 'Okay, I 'll call you later ' she wrote.
I turned to Blake as he stuffed a piece of bacon into his mouth. "Blake, Haleigh 's coming over tonight, she said she had bad news."
He nodded. "Yeah, well I got a text as well. Juliet isn 't pregnant, she told me. I 'm not sure how she got my number because I thought I blocked her, but whatever."
I shrugged, leaning into his touch as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "That 's good."
He nodded, kissing my forehead. "What time did you want to leave, darlin?"
Jeremy frowned. "Are you guys leaving soon?"
"No, we 'll stay for lunch, is that alright mom?" I asked, picking up a raspberry and holding it up to Blake 's lips, laughing as he bit it out of my fingers.
"Of course you can stay for lunch. We can get some pizza if you want" she offered, making Blake nodded.
"Pizza sounds very good. Gosh, I haven 't had it in at least four…

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