Legal Arguments In Support Of Physician Assisted Suicide

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Register to read the introduction… In 1997, the Oregon state legalized physician assisted suicide (Snyder, 2002). However, similar efforts have been made in other states such as Alaska, Arizona, Washington, Michigan, New Hampshire, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts and other states but have been in vain. This act is notably distinguished from euthanasia (Humphry, 2005). Euthanasia is the aspect of putting to death a patient who has remained in a suffering state and incurable condition for long. A medical provider can facilitate voluntary active euthanasia. This occurs when a patient requests for the same to a doctor or any other party who them responds by providing a lethal dose of a drug. However, involuntary euthanasia occurs when the medical provider provides lethal dose of drug to a patient without his/her consent. Based this, this paper intends to argue in support of the proponents (Kopelman, …show more content…
In 1994, there was a case of compassion in dying v. State of Washington (Drickamer et al, 2008; Oregon, 1994). The suit was filed by four physicians, three terminally ill patients and an NGO Compassion in dying. They argued that the Washington State was to amend federal constitution that pointed out that physicians act in assisting suicide was illegal. The Supreme Court disregarded their bids and maintained physical assisted suicide was forbidden in Washington (Snyder, 2002).
However, the following points became central in supportive of physician assisted
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In the modern times, medical technology has frequently been used by doctors to postpone human death. This has seen various patients kept going by the help of machines (Birnbacher, 2008). However, the extended life seldom guarantees less pain. Patients continuously undergo great pains. For example, many elderly patients diagnosed with emphysema normally kept helplessly using new technology (Oregon, 1994). Such a patient can be relieved from his sufferings by specialists who should be a physician. In such a case, legalizing assisted suicide would enable such a patient to die quickly without undergoing more pain as his life ebbs out. Therefore, such situations are areas which should be considered in legalizing physician assisted

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