Leadership Point of View Essay

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Leadership Point of View

Activity 6.6

Dan Sweeny

Indiana Wesleyan MBA

Throughout the “Applied Management Concepts” coursework, teachings from Blanchard and Robbins, DeCenzo, and Coulter have been numerous in an effort to explain and portray a leadership point of view, defined by the Blanchard as their “thoughts about leading and motivating people” (Blanchard, 2010). Naturally, this book has examined Blanchard’s leadership point of view, and while it may seem like a model for creating one’s own point of view, everyone will have a different style, even if only slightly. I will examine and determine my leadership point of view in hopes to become more conscious and purposeful in
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He has taught me to be humble as a leader, always attempting to see a situation from all sides and admitting mistakes when they happen. He is the ultimate servant leader and that it why it is so important to me to do the same. One person who had a negative affect on me but ultimately a positive lesson in leadership was a middle school basketball coach. While many coaches must display an authoritative leadership style, he took it so far as to not see each player as an individual, but a blank face. He did not recognize each player’s strengths and weaknesses, so he was not able to offer suitable coaching. He would often not know plays that he had made, causing a lot of confusion because if the leader does not know what is supposed to happen, how is a team of seventh graders? The experience taught me that I should learn about everyone who “works” for you. See them as an individual so you can teach them and make sure that they understand what they are supposed to do. What key events in my life have had an impact on how I lead others? As I spoke about before, my experience with the basketball coach really taught me about bad leadership, even at a young age. More recently, though, I have been shaping my leadership style since I began purposefully taking on leadership roles in high school and in college. In high school, I was the president of my religious youth group and two-time captain of my tennis team. I wanted these roles, not only so that I could put

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