Essay on Leadership As Defined By Hackman & Johnson

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Leadership as defined by Hackman & Johnson is “our ability to create and manipulate symbols. (p.2)” In today’s world leadership is predominant in politics worldwide and the “common” misconception is that the people who are voted or given highest positions. As educated individuals we know that this in fact is not the case with corruption taking place in many countries in the world. But, rather is the ability to bribe or use unethical tactics in order for personal gains. Primarily before entering INQ 120-Y2 I always saw myself as a worker that was very interested in the relationships that come along with sharing a workplace. However, day two into class I took the LPC test based off of my most disliked coworker. The one and only Mike Moody, during my training at Prince George Golf Course last summer; I was outside washing carts and Mike was inside while my boss had run to Costco for food items for the pro shop. Upon his return my boss came outside and proceeded to ask me whether I had changed the television channel off of the Golf Channel. Which obviously I did not because I was actually outside doing work, it seems that when questioned by my boss as to who changed the channel I was thrown under the proverbial bus so to speak. Here is where my rift with Mike Moody began, trying to undermine the work that I was doing while he was inside. Looking back and as I took that LPC I realized that the situation that took place set the precedence for how I would go about my work at…

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