Ldr 531 Final Exam 30/30 Correct Answers Essay

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LDR 531 Final Exam 30/30 Correct Answers
Follow Link Below To Get Tutorial https://homeworklance.com/downloads/ldr-531-final-exam-3030-correct-answers/ Description: 1) Which of the following is best defined as a consciously coordinated social unit, composed of two or more people, which functions on a relatively continuous basis to achieve a common goal or set of goals? 2) Over the past 2 decades, business schools have added required courses on organizational design to many of their curricula. Why have they done this? 3) Robert Katz identified three essential skills that managers must have to reach their goals. What are these skills? 4) __________ is a field of study that investigates the effect that individuals,
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15) Zach is devout and very active in his church. He is also a very dedicated employee. His manager offers him a promotion, but the new role will require him to work Sundays. Zach would like the promotion, but realizes that it would force him to miss some church activities. It is likely that Zach is experiencing which of the following: 16) Which role focuses on bringing about order and consistency by drawing up formal plans? 17) Which statement regarding leadership is true? 18) What are three situational criteria identified in the Fiedler model? 19) The reconceptualization of the contingency model by Garcia and Fiedler is called _____ theory. 20) Which path-goal leadership style leads to greater satisfaction when tasks are ambiguous or stressful? 21) According the Path-Goal Theory, what leader is friendly and shows concern for the needs of followers? 22) Phrases such as “more cultural diversity,” “many new entrants with inadequate skills,” and “increase in professionals” are all examples of what force for change? 23) What is a goal of planned change? 24) Using covert influence to overcome resistance to change is called what? 25) If individuals resisting change are included in making change decisions in an attempt to gain their support, what is this approach is called?

26) Which of the following is a characteristic of organizational control?

27) What term describes

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