Essay about Lawyers And Legal Aids

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The average person’s thought of a lawyer infers a courtroom, opposing tables of attorneys, correction officers, onlookers, and a judge with a gavel. Movies and television shows had me to believe that the majority of lawyers handle only criminal law. Movies like The Firm, coupled with, TV Shows like Matlock and Law and order, showed me that a counselor at law primary job is to fight for or against crimes. Whereas movies like The Firm and Devil’s Advocate made me think all lawyers were crooks. Good law movies like Philadelphia and Miracle on 34th Street were rare. My friends and family who had trouble with the law had me to believe that District Attorneys (DA) and legal aids were working together to lock people up. These were my preconceptions about the characteristics of lawyers. However, my assumptions on the characteristics of lawyers and their occupations have changed over time because of my studies, work experiences, and personal interactions with an attorney in the field of law.
Taking law classes for paralegal studies has changed my outlook on lawyers. It broke my heart to find out that the big plot of Matlock surprising evidence scene at the end of trial was false. In addition, I cannot watch Law and Order anymore without screaming at the TV saying lawyers cannot do that because that is illegal. Furthermore, lawyers are not as crooked as The Firm movie had me believe. Through my studies, I debunk these assumptions of law. For example, Matlock cannot bring in evidence…

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