Language Is An Essential Part Of Being Human Essay

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Language can be seen and heard; it can be diverse or standard. With this in mind, discuss the different roles that language can have in a child’s life.

Language is an essential part of being human and it is unique to humans alone. Language is not one simple, single thing, it is a complex array of elements. The way we speak language has ‘grammatically correct’ rules , it has shared meaning, it is something that is physically present in the world (written word, speech) and it is social convention within a group of people on how to communicate. (Hayes & Gee 2011 p.7). Language is social, cognitive and physical all at the same time. It shapes our social environment, our cultural ties and is still very individual and unique to every person, every group, every social situation and every culture.
Human language is highly diverse and easily learnt. All language allows its speakers to express virtually any thought that they can conceive (Fitch 2011). The ability to learn language is innate and no two children learn language in exactly the same way.

Acquiring language is vital for children to be able to communicate, not simply speak, but to be literate in all aspects of life. An understanding of differing cultures, dialects and vernaculars within an education setting could vastly improve many students literacy standards.

Language - Diverse and Standard?
Language is uniquely human. It is a sociocultural practice, all language - spoken, written and visual are…

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