Language In 1984 And 1984

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Can a government really control the country by using languages? In Oceania, it has the government control the lives of the people by using languages and the government in 1984 is called Big Brother. It is created by George Orwell and it is about how Big brother can control the people by using languages. There are four ministry that control different part of the government. There is newspeak and doublethink that Big Brother use to control the people and it would restrict how people would rebel. The ministry of Truth deals with news, the ministry of Peace deals with war and violence, ministry of Love deals with law and order, and Ministry of Plenty deals with economic affairs. There is some similarity and differences between 1984 society that Orwell describes in his novel and …show more content…
The similarities are that the government would use surveillance technology as a way to spy on people if they commit a crime. In Oceania, there so many of surveillance everywhere and it can hear and see what the people are doing in their homes and in public. It is the same thing in our modern society, there is a tracking device in our TV’s, computer, internet, and even on our smartphones. In the article about using surveillance and recording device on trains, the government would put recording and surveillance derived on public as a way to spy on people. It would give the law enforcement an helping hand in locating a possible suspect or even a criminal that is about to commit a crime or have already committed. It is similar to the telescreen that Oceania has in people 's home where they can listen and see what the people of Oceania doing and saying. From the textual evidence, “Behind Winston’s back the voice from the telescreen was still babbling away about pig iron and the over fulfillment of the Ninth Three-Year Plan. … … Winston kept his back turned to the telescreen.” (1984 pg 6 and

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