Lack Of Effective Law Enforcement Essay

1040 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
There is nothing like falling asleep to the wailing sounds of sirens and air being broken by helicopters in the air. It seems as if there is never a day that goes by without a new crime being committed in the dense streets of Crenshaw. The presence of gangs and criminals has negatively impacted the lives of people in my community by instilling fear and worry onto those looking to live peaceful and righteous lives; however, people in my community state that this issue could be improved by bringing government attention to these high crime areas. While there has been attempts to improve outcomes for people in this area, the consequences of poverty, the lack of effective law enforcement and the failed attempts to reduce crime, as wells as the abuse of drugs, have continued to perpetuate these issues. For these reasons, I feel a solution to this issue could be to provide better educational and job opportunities, which might prevent creating potential criminals, by allowing those living under the poverty line a chance for educational opportunities and financial success. Living in an area plagued by the problems caused by poverty, it is no surprise that there are always new crimes being committed. Whether people steal, commit violent acts, consume illegal drugs, they are not only victimizing themselves, they are causing suffering and harm to the well-being of those around them. The people in my community are torn apart when crimes are committed because trust is lost between…

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