Kurt Cobain's Influence On Nirvana

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Kurt Cobain, an American singer and songwriter, with his band,”Nirvana” became one of the biggest acts of the 90’s. With his contrasting singing style using soft melodies with loud violent choruses, he swooned audiences across the world with his angsty and heartfelt music. Kurt started in Seattle, Washington where he created a new genre of rock called/labeled Grunge. Kurt came from an era when rock and roll had a very produced and polished sound, full of emotion and a hunger to jam, Kurt broke that standard. His use of dirtied and wavered chords opened up opportunities for guitarists to focus less on perfecting the sound, but to focus on the feeling in their sound. He revived a style of music that required expression over talent. Along with …show more content…
“The Pixies were arguably the band that worked the alt-rock loud/quiet contrasts…”, (10 Marks). Nirvana did not start the sound that they produced, they revolutionized it. Cobain was at the forefront of a movement to make an old technique new again. Along with the Pixies, Kurt Cobain adopted sounds from The Vaselines and The Melvins. “During the the 80's the two bands often interchanged guitarists, bassists, and drummers.” The Melvins is the group that followed Nirvana all the way to the top They both influenced one another and had a certain flow between one another. "Nirvana covered several of their songs - Molly's Lips, Son of a Gun, etc.”(Other Bands). Cobain and his band had unanimously decided that the Vaselines were their favorite band. They had brilliant lyrics to their songs and for Cobain good lyricism was the best way to break the boundaries emplaced on rock. With the boundaries of the musical world broken and opened, doorways for the future of the rock world were created. “Cobain changed the course of where the music went”, (10 Marks). Kurt Cobain had a certain power with his ability to write music. His words alone dripped with emotion, and adding his newly adopted style of raging melodies, he was able to rewrite the entire rock n’ roll agenda. “Kurt has had that same combination of talent, voice, lyric-writing skill, and charisma…”, (Cross, 11). He emplaced a mindset that did not fully rely on posh clean guitar solos and commercialism, but on expression and genuine

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