Kiran Desai 's The Inheritance Of Loss Essay

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Kiran Desai’s The Inheritance of Loss is deliberately hallmarked by its abundance of juxtapositions within the text. Sai and Gyan, the atmospheres of Kalimpong and the Gorkha National Liberation Front Movement, as well as the colonial and postcolonial world are placed side by side to evoke deep contrasts. The protagonist, Sai Mistry, undergoes a personal development process that is the product of her life circumstances, her interactions with Gyan, as well as her experience living amidst the Gorkha National Liberation Movement. On one hand, Sai’s experience growing up in a sheltered environment adds innocence to her personality. On the other hand, her experience as an orphan and the influence of the Judge-- a bitter retiree who believes Western Culture to be superior to that of India--imbues a sense of maturity into her character. Sai undergoes a coming of age as she develops a deeper understanding of identity as well as her position in the world. The juxtaposition of Sai and a giant squid at the beginning of the novel conveys Sai’s naive belief that her life experience is singular in nature. While Sai is superficially upset by Gyan’s tardiness to her tutoring session, she reveals that she feels “washed over” (3) in melancholy. This alludes to Sai’s belief that her life circumstances are a burden. It is ironic that Sai’s wash of emotion has tarnished her well-being, as opposed to instilling a sense of pride in her individuality. The narrator compares Sai to an adult…

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