King Henry The Fourth ( Henry Iv ) Essay

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Throughout the world, there have been many renowned writers that left their mark in literature such as, Christopher Marlowe and Robert Greene, but none more revered than Shakespeare. In his lifetime, Shakespeare composed many great plays with distinctive characters; however, one of the most noted characters of all is Falstaff in the The First Part of King Henry the Fourth (Henry IV). The essential reason Falstaff is timeless and able to continuously resonate with people is because of the presumed idea that he is a fool. Before this idea that Falstaff is indeed a fool, it is necessary to constitute the classifications precisely. The definition of a fool is "a silly or stupid person; a person who lacks judgment or sense" (Ammer). From the play Henry IV, Falstaff could be deemed many things: fat, thief, and liar, but after careful analysis, he is all but a fool. Falstaff uses manipulation, charm, and a representation of a father figure to warrant a certain level of trust and comfort from the future King to be - Prince Hal.

In hindsight, Falstaff is quite ingenious. It is obvious Prince Hal will become king one day. Prince Hal is charmed by this twist charm Falstaff gives off, and it is quite clear that it works out. The future King not only covers for him once the authorities seek him for being a thief, but also allows him to go freely even though other members of the gang are executed.
Falstaff on many occasions presents himself and allows…

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