Essay about Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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We as humans have been taught the distinction between right and wrong throughout our entire lives. However, what makes one person 's right, another person 's wrong? In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by author Harper Lee, Atticus Finch and his two children are put in the spotlight when Atticus is appointed as Tom Robinson’s attorney. Tom, a black man, is accused of raping and beating Mayella, a white woman, but the accusation is made by her abusive drunk father, Bob Ewell. This novel exhibits morality as a theme. Not only is the novel an outstanding classic, but it portrays how one should go through life standing strong in ethics and morals. As the trial goes on, we, as readers, learn from the multiple context clues and statements that Bob was the one to rape and beat Mayella, not Tom. Because Tom is black, he is, unfortunately found, guilty. The citizens of Maycomb realize that in order to stand by one 's morals it takes the distinction between right and wrong, courage, as well as the motivation for change.
In the 1930’s racism was at it’s peak. Segregation between whites and blacks was a major issue. Blacks weren’t considered people, rather they were considered and treated like animals. Fortunately many of the Maycomb citizens are capable of determining the difference between the right and wrong way to proceed life as well as people. The reference between a black man and a mockingbird is used multiple times throughout the novel, stating that they are alike in almost every…

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