Kierkegaard 's Sphere Of Existence And Boredom Essay

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Kierkegaard’s Spheres of Existence and Boredom Many forces can motivate an individual; boredom will be the main force discussed in this paper. In Kierkegaard’s sphere of existences, the aesthetic sphere mainly deals with the problem of boredom. The intent of this paper is to explain how boredom is actually necessary and good through Kierkegaard’s sphere of existences. Kierkegaard explains the how the aesthete has a shallow existence because of boredom and the unsustainability of their lifestyle. For an individual to move up through the hierarchy of spheres, one must move out of the aesthetic sphere. This movement, driven from boredom, makes boredom necessary to move up to the religious sphere. Therefore, boredom is what makes an individual strive to eventually achieve the religious sphere. Due to this nature, boredom is actually necessary to have a more meaningful existence. Kierkegaard’s spheres of existence contain three spheres: the aesthetic, ethical, and religious. The aesthetic sphere is described as shallow due to how the individual, the aesthete, lives. Kierkegaard explains this shallowness by how the aesthete never gets too involved in their activities. Rather, the aesthete must go by the “Rotation Method” in their life. The rotation method is explained as constantly rotating from activity to activity to never get too involved. This keeps the individual away from what Kierkegaard explains as the ultimate evil: boredom. Kierkegaard sees boredom as the “ultimate…

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