Kids Weighing The Earth Down Essay

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Kids Weighing the Earth Down Kids are likely to be obese than physically fit. Our generation and the generations behind us are becoming more and more obese and lazy. Kids no longer want to go outside and play with friends. Our kids are becoming so obese and overweight due to lack of fitness and lack of parental support. If your parents are obese, then the chances of you becoming obese are very high. What they eat, you will eat and you will get into bad habits and turn obese. In the past 30 years, obesity has skyrocketed. In children it has doubles and in adults the rate has quadrupled (CDC, 2013). If we do not take control and action towards this horrendous issue then this country and world will face many problems. Many programs have been created to get kids active and in the community. These programs have affected the lives of countless kids and help them get out of obesity and into happiness. A specific program is called Let’s Go! Started out in Maine and spreading across the country to make a difference in kids lives. Let’s Go started to get itself out there in 2008 when they introduced ten strategies that have evidence to prove the authenticity of them being effective (Brown, 2013). The program tracks and monitors the kids activity and whether or not they are doing what is required. The program has a system called 5-2-1-0 and it’s aimed for kids to daily have five for more fruits and vegetables to give them the strength they need to succeed. Two hours or less of…

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