Khoddam's Article: How Can We Define Happiness And Why?

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I have always wondered what makes people happy and why. Perhaps it is finally buying that car you have been saving up for since you were young or waking up early to watch the sunrise. Whatever it may be, it seems to be a mystery to me. A mystery that some appear to have figured out and an understanding of. Seeing that some try say happiness is one thing or another makes me feel that happiness is something that is reoccurring in our daily lives and wonder: What is true happiness and can we define it?
As I began to explore the different viewpoints in which happiness is defined, I found that it may not be defined by one specific thing but rather many different components depending on the person. Some have said it is a state of mind, whereas others
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Seeing that people have a mass agreeance for what happiness is, I wonder if this is actually true and if we can base it off of these things. Are we able to define happiness?
Before going in depth with this question I decide to see how we can define happiness. I had felt that happiness may be defined differently for each person and the same for some. I decided to look into studies and articles on psychology. How can we define happiness?
In Rubin Khoddam 's article "What 's Your Definition of Happiness?" Published on Psychology Today, he discusses how we define people as being happy. We all define other peoples happiness 's differently. He first states that we define peoples
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First, it states that the drug makes you feel energized, warm inside, and pleasure. You feel better about everything. Next, it talks about how people use the drug and that it is also referred to as Molly. People use it for the feeling that you get from it. The feeling of everything is great and amazing. Makes you feel on top of the world. Third, it discusses how the drug affects the brain along with our dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin. The drug makes your brain release dopamine which causes you to feel happy. Finally, it shows that negative outcomes of using the drug. From muscle cramping to sweating. The conclusion is that ecstasy is a drug that affects us and should not be taken. I agree that we should not that ecstasy but it does show that it can in fact affect our dopamine and bring us

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