Essay about Kate Chopin 's A Pair Of Silk Stockings

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Bargain of a Lifetime
In the nineteenth century, women were viewed as the caregivers of the home and fell into dutiful, routine lifestyles full of chaotic stress. With four children and a husband to take care of it is hard to find a day off as a mother .Mrs. Sommers in Kate Chopin’s, “A Pair of Silk Stockings” is the protagonist that carries the role and duties of a mother such as buying groceries, cleaning, and watching the kids. A typical day involves getting the best deals for her family and preserving as much money by using it sparingly on necessities only. However, she maintained to be content doing the opposite by spending it on valuable, new possessions. A common reading of Mrs. Sommers, women in this time, is that her actions are unjustifiable, but in fact, her actions symbolize freedom. In this way, the protagonist demonstrates a day of retaliation against the norms of women in that period and the brief femininity Chopin foreshadows. In the late 1890s, the female’s main role of the household was to complete all the affairs such as housework, cooking, and taking care of the family. She “knew the value of bargains” and used “speculation” when planning to spend her fifteen dollars for the family (152-153). She spent all night evaluating on how to spend the money and for what child, practically stressing over it. According to Martin’s analysis on this short story, she makes the point that as soon as Mrs. Sommers lays her hand on the silk stocking her deprivation…

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