Karl Marx And The Industrial Revolution Essays

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Karl Marx was born into a large family living in Prussia in 1818. Marx lived xcc through one of the most transformational periods in human history, The Industrial Revolution (Showers, July 17). The Industrial Revolution was the transition from agriculture to industrialism, which led to the building of factories and overcrowded cities. This transition meant that all of the people that had lived in rural areas would have to move into the city for work. Although Marx grew up in a middle-class home, even he was able to see the large difference in classes at this time. Overcrowding was the first problematic consequence resulting from the start of the Industrial Revolution. The living conditions in this period were horrible and often led to crime, poverty, starvation, disease, and extreme suffering for the new city workers. Not only were the living conditions terrible, but so were the working conditions within the factories. The factories were dangerous and many of the workers were inexperienced and left injured and unable to work. The wages were low, and more often than not, children were forced to work in the factories, leaving them dirty and exhausted, after working up to 16 hours a day alongside the adults (Showers, July 7th).
At the time, a proper education was limited to the middle and upper class, except for those raised in the churches where the idea of acquiescence to suffering in this life and hoping for paradise after death was preached. During the Industrial…

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