Essay On Kant's Utilitarianism

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this is one of the most popular ethical theories in the XIX century, which was “used to explain the importance to get the maximum benefit considering the greater number of individuals, as a result, the happiness of each person depends on the other (pilosophy glosary).” So wherever action moral right or wrong has one consequence and that consequence is indifferent if the benefit is for example a ten people with wherever action and hurt one person, or if the situation produces more good things than bad this is basically the view point from John Stuart Mill discovered the utilitarianism.
The utilitarianism can be applied in business when you are making decisions for you company, so, this theory looks for maximizing the good effects and minimizing the bad results of the company, that is why the utilitarianism thinks that Anything is acceptable if it leads to a successful result, so, the end justifies the means.
In my opinion, the utilitarianism can be applied when the government need build a line from public transport and the city doesn’t has good place for build it, so need buy some house for break and can do that but the price pay for the house is
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Kantian ethics is firmly based in reason; we can derive moral laws from rational precepts, according to Kant, and anyone who behaves immorally also behaves irrationally”, now I want put one sentences from Kant because for me is interesting this point; (BUSINESS ETHICS: Kantian Ethics (Deontology page 3 ) We use reason and a test of universalizability to determine whether a moral principle is a categorical imperative (or universal law). Kant expressed the universal law using the following formula: Act only according to the maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law, so I understand what the people has reason y for that the human choose between an act good or bad and

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