Essay about Kant 's Argument On Affirmative Action

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Immanuel Kant states, “A good will is a will that wills its duty”. I agree with Kant’s statement and disagree affirmative action is ethically justified. According to Kant, this policy is one form of inclination which does not represent the true meaning of morality. In other words, the way Kant sees affirmative action, the process itself is “contrary to duty”. (Immanuel Kant) In reality, companies hire because the government demand them to not for their qualifications. One question Kant would require people to ask their self on deciding if Affirmative action ethical is, ”why you are doing this”. Suppose a man named Brandon Jackson was applying for Google headquarters and meet all the requirements to earn a position in the office. What Brandon fail to realize is that the person looking at the applications are not always honest. Now, imagine Brandon was a black American man and the employer is a white American man. Most employers who look his application and judge by his name, assuming his black mostly by his last name. This reflect back to what Kant call “inclination”, which to him is the state of “emotion, feelings or desire”. In this scenario the employer assume the applicant is African American and quickly moves the application to the side without fully reading it. Kant refer to his interpretation of law stated, “The public must be taught to recognize what it desires.” (P.91 Groundwork of the Metaphysic of morals) Kant believe people should be more aware of what…

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