Kant, Bentham And Rawls's Theory Of A Good Society

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What is a good society and what is a good person? The question has been talked about over thousands of years. The theory about what is a good society and a good person vary from person to person. Not all people can agree with a specific theory about what is a good person and what is a good society. As long as the majority of people feel a theory is reasonable, then it is worth discussion. This essay will talk about what a good person is and what a good society is based on the theories of Rousseau, Kant, Bentham and Rawls.

According to Rousseau, a good person is the one that can obey his/her conscience and a good society is the society that can serve to the general will. Conscience is the thing that everybody is borns with and Rousseau believes
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Rawls idea offers a blueprint about what kind of society we should struggle for and it is less theory than the two rests. Our society is an unequal society, people who are in an advantaged position can easily get things like income. However, people who are in a disadvantaged position, even though they put much more effort to pursuit the same income that advantaged people can easily get, they may not success. In Rawls’ theory, we could learn how advantaged individuals and social institution should preform at least in the theory. Although it is seemly like our society is impossible to achieve Rawls’ good society, it al least gives us a dream. Personally, if a society want to become what Rawls described, it request people to think more for others and less for self. Change other words, less self-fish. However, what I have seen is many advantaged people, they are unwilling to help others out of their duty, what they care is how to make more for themselves. Of course, there are advantaged people who would like to help others from their duty, but the number of this kind people are very small compare with the whole advantaged population. The same rule can also apply between country and country. Advantaged countries although they help disadvantaged countries, but compare with what they take away from disadvantaged country, their helping was not worth mentioning. The base of the society’s developing is inequality, that why I like Rawls’ model of what is the good

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